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Joining debate club has many benefits, but here a just a few.

Great Extracurricular Activity

Being a part of debate club will help you stand out among your peers, especially when it comes to college applications.

Meet New Friends

Meet great people and make great friends along the way!

Unlock Your Potential

Actively participating in debate club helps you improve your ability to develop arguments and expand your intellectual horizons.


Debate club is a club you want to be a part of.

  • History of Debate Club

    Debate club has been a club at Chatsworth Charter High School for many years under the sponsorship of Mr. Lehr. Debate club is reputable and serves to be a valuable learning experience for all its participants.

  • At The Core of Debate Club

    There are few issues or questions that have simple black and white answers or a right and wrong answer. Most questions are more open ended; there is no straight forward answer. In debate club we find topics that can be argued for and against, with research to back up the arguments. This club can help build skills toward making arguments, counter arguments, and how to argue different positions regardless of personal opinion.

  • Preparation

    In preparation to a debate, every member does research on the assigned topic. After our members are randomly split up into two groups, one arguing for the pro side and one arguing for the con side, each group will collaborate and create at least three main arguments to be used in the debate.

  • Debate Time!

    As a prelude to a debate, we flip a coin to decide which group will start first. The debate begins with an opening statement from each side, which will contain the side’s position on the topic and the main arguments that support their position. Next, each side will present at least three main arguments with supporting evidence. Then, the two sides will take turns in rebuttal, during which each side will argue against the opposing side’s arguments. This would be the time to use any counter arguments or refuting claims made by the opposition. Finally, each side ends with a closing statement that will give a summarization of the position and main arguments; any final thoughts can be said here. Fun stuff!

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Members List

Mr. Lehr

Abraham Yepremian

Greg Sklar

Matthew Yeganeh

Jared McBride

Bryan Guerrero

Luke Bryant

David Mulindwa

Jason Castaneda

William Kim

Nigel Arreola

Brandon A. Cruz



Maria Inês


Our Officers

We will have new officers next semester! This could be you!

John Lehr

Club Sponsor

Abraham Yepremian


Greg Sklar

Vice President - Does Absolutely Nothing

Matthew Yeganeh


Jared McBride

Treasurer - He won the lottery!

You will have the opportunity to become an officer towards the end of this semester! Everyone is welcomed and encouraged to join!


Debate club meets every Tuesday during lunch in N208, Mr. Lehr's room.